Mentor Coaching

Mentor Coaching is Now Available

Mentor coaching is now available through Coach Academy. By combining small group coaching with individual sessions, you can achieve the ICF-required 10 hours of mentor coaching in the most cost effective and efficient way possible. I’m offering five (5) 90-minute group coaching sessions plus three (3) individual one-on-one sessions for a total fee of $1,250. This satisfies the ICF credentialing requirement for mentor coaching for all levels of certification. All mentor coaching will be conducted using Zoom. Groups will never be more than 10.

Group Mentor Coaching Sessions

For the five group mentor coaching session, once we have a group (minimum of five) signed up, I will post a schedule that will be derived by coordinating with the participants in the group.

Each session you will have the opportunity to bring your questions, share best practices and challenges. Also, come prepared to be coached. The more you actively participate in the call the more everyone achieves. Please choose a physical space to call from that is quiet, so that you can be fully focused on the session. In addition to mentoring specific topics brought forward by the participants, I’ll offer¬†brief “case studies”, tips, methods and guidance to challenge you and provide further learning opportunity.

I will conduct ONE makeup session at the end of each cycle.

Individual Mentor Coaching Sessions

Of the mentor coaching required by the ICF, 3 hours must be individual one-on-one sessions. The individual sessions can be booked anytime up to four (4) months after the start of the first group sessions. Please come PREPARED for your individual session. If not, I’ll let you coach me, and we can discuss my feedback.

Some questions to consider in preparation for your Individual Mentor Coaching:

  • What areas in your role as a coach do you need to improve?
  • Where do you yourself struggling when you are coaching a client?
  • What area or topic has a client shared where you are uncertain how to proceed?
  • What coaching competency have you not paid enough attention to?
  • How might role playing a particular area or process in which you don’t feel confident benefit you when working with your clients?
  • What is your biggest challenge in your coaching with your clients

Individual sessions allow you to focus on coaching areas that are most problematic for you personally. The tuition-paid Individual Mentor Coaching part of the program expires 4 months after the last day of the program. After that, we are still available for mentor coaching at the student rate of $200. This pricing is good for 1 year after the program close.

Late Cancellation or No Show Policy

Sessions cancelled with less than 24-hour notice or just missed completely are forfeited, except:

  1. With prompt communication and good reason(s), the first can be rescheduled.
  2. A second miss is forfeited except in very unusual circumstances AND prompt communication.
  3. Any other misses are forfeited.