Looking for an Affordable… In-Person… Accredited Coach Training program? We have it.

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Coach Academy offers a distinctive training experience that blends together the science of rapport, communication, and performance excellence (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) with the proven best practices of coaching reflected in the ICF Coach Competencies. Programs are IN-PERSON and led by expert Faculty.

Coach Academy’s coach certification training programs are ICF (ACSTH) and BCC approved Coach Specific Training. You learn not only the what and why of coaching, but also the HOW. With tons of supervised practice, individual attention and personal feedback, you leave the program excited and confident about working with clients. Upon completion, you will have the required training hours to apply for your ICF ACC and your Board Certified Coach (BCC) credentials.

Our program is one of the most affordable in-person programs in the industry. We accept all major credit cards, and payment plans are available.

We invite you to talk with our graduates—students rave about the experience.

The Scoop on Professional Coach Credentialing

Ten years ago most clients, corporate or individual, didn’t really ask about coaching certification. Having a certification might have been a slight competitive advantage but was by no means essential. The market has changed—on a number of fronts. According to a recent report published by the ICF in partnership with PricewaterhouseCoopers, it is estimated that there are almost 50,000 professional coaches worldwide. Today’s coaches come from a myriad of backgrounds and professions including human resources, business, law, teaching, psychology, ministry, counseling, and more. Coaching is not regulated by any U.S. states (yet), but the marketplace is increasingly demanding coaches who are professionally trained and credentialed, and who demonstrate a continuing commitment to professional development.

Read an overview about the professional coaching industry and the credentialing process in this “mini-whitepaper”.  I’ve also recorded a few short videos to help explain the world of coach credentialing and the ICF process in particular. Hope this is helpful!


General Overview of Coaching Certifications

Overview of ICF Certifications

Requirements for ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC) Certification

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