Introducing The Coach Academy International Certification Program

Interested in becoming a professional or executive coach? Looking for just the right program? Here are a few pointy brass tacks you might like to ponder:

  • Coaching is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, and demand continues to outstrip supply. We can’t train good coaches fast enough.
  • In its landmark Project Oxygen, Google conducted deep research on what differentiates its top leaders globally. Of all attributes defining the most dynamic and effective leaders, the ability to coach reigned supreme. Inspiring leaders are good coaches.
  • If you offer any kind of professional service – from HR to consulting to management – then coaching should be a part of your portfolio. Coaching makes for happier, more successful clients.

Do you enjoy helping people?

Hi! I’m Mina Brown, MCC. Early in my coaching career, I started Coach Academy International because those brass tacks were just too pointy to ignore! Like you, I enjoy helping people – and I felt professional coaching was the best way to do that.

I’ve helped hundreds of aspiring coaches and leaders gain the skills, confidence, and connections to build successful professional coaching careers.

Can you picture yourself helping people overcome challenges and find more joy?

Would you like to be a member of a heart-centered tribe?

Are you looking for more than just a piece of paper?

Do you want real mentorship?

Let’s get you there.

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Why Coach Academy International?

Skill-up faster and cheaper

Virtually all coach training programs take a minimum of six months to complete, often over a year or more. Getting certified through these programs can be overwhelming and discouraging.

You can complete the training component of our program in just eight days.

One trip to Dallas and one week off work is all you need. After that intensive period of training, you’ll receive personal mentoring and support to guide you through to full certification. Moreover, once you’re established as a certified coach, we’ll continue to support you with deeper levels of coach training to help you achieve the next level of accomplishment.

And here’s another brass-tacks difference to ponder!  All in, Coach Academy is far more affordable than other recognized training programs.

Learn face-to-face

Large-scale coaching courses favor quantity of students over the personal touch of classroom teaching. You just can’t absorb everything you need to learn through remote, impersonal online courses.

I never wanted to create a big, global, impersonal coach training company. We are a high-touch, “boutique” training organization that just loves coaching and coaches.

Through Coach Academy, you’ll get the personalized attention you need to convert theory into practice, and coaching techniques into powerful outcomes. Our personal follow-on engagement will help you continue to build your confidence in realizing successful client experiences.

Learn the fundamental coaching skills you need, quickly and rigorously.

Get the support you need

Skills and certification qualify you to coach, but your journey as a coach doesn’t end at training. My team and I offer a variety of strategies for landing those first few vital clients.

We offer client referrals, paid graduate coaching programs, close-knit alumni tribe, and ongoing networking and resource benefits.

Gain a powerful support network that will help you put your new skills to use.

Ready to begin?

If you’d like to get down to brass tacks and learn more about how you can get your successful professional coaching career off the ground, give me a call!

I’d be happy to describe the course in detail and show you how we can begin.

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