An outstanding program for people who are serious and sincere about developing rich coaching skills and gaining the tools needed to successfully complete the certification process. The teachers are experienced, and they are deeply committed to sharing their knowledge and insights. My coaching practice is an extension of a career in the corporate world as a CEO. The Coach Academy International team knows and understands the business world, and is especially adept at bringing the benefits of coaching to the corporate environment. I gained the knowledge needed, and also gained great insights and inspiration from my mentors at Coach Academy International. Highly recommended.

Bill Koch, Dallas, Texas

As an experienced coach, I was looking for a program that would allow me to complete my training hours in a compact format with a high level of professionalism. I found that and more at Coach Academy International. The trainers are intelligent, insightful and dedicated. They are highly invested in the success of their students and express the compassion and passion in their teaching that every coach can emulate in their own practice. Coach Academy International’s eight-day program is a perfect training of the coaching process for new and experienced coaches. This training gives you the benefits of face-to-face learning, a thorough understanding and experience with the coaching process and continued support through mentor coaching which is included and required for ICF certification. Those new to coaching will find the program offers them a quick and comprehensive start to begin coaching immediately. Experienced coaches will gain insight into new ideas and techniques. All attendees will benefit by being in a stimulating environment created by the interaction and support of fellow classmates and the highly competent trainers.

Deborah Rubin, JD, Little Rock, Arkansas

Coach Academy International and the techniques taught by Mina Brown and Peggy Dean are life changing. I have coached in corporations and ministry for a number of years but not ICF Certified. I was looking for a program that was cost effective, face to face and did not drag out over a long period of time. The teaching process is phenomenal. I took the 8 day intensive course in April 2015, left my current job confidently to work fully immersed in the coaching industry in May. I reached my 100 documented coaching hours requirement in September and passed my ICF exam earlier this week. Thanks to the clear methods used in the course combining NLP and the competencies for ICF requirements I was more than prepared for the exam. No review will do it justice – it must be experienced.

Cathy Rogers, Dallas, Texas

I sincerely appreciate the instructors sharing their knowledge and expertise with us during the coach training. The workshop was well-structured providing ample time for applying the tools which were taught in each section of the course. The heightened awareness to living as a coach is of great benefit both professionally and personally. Thank you for embracing us, encouraging us, and empowering us!

MJ, NPO Executive Director, SHRM-SCP, Denver, Colorado

I can’t thank you enough for your excellent training program which has been such a tremendous foundation on which I am building my new career.  The quality of the 8-day in person training program was truly remarkable.  It was by far the best training I have ever taken in my life!  And that is high praise from me – an adult educator. The quality of the learning materials, the interactive exercises that really helped build the skills and develop new and meaningful relationships with other learners, the flow of the material, the high quality of facilitation, the vast experience that [the faculty] brought in the learning environment all added up to an amazing learning experience!  There isn’t one thing that I would have changed about the entire experience.  And then to top it off you include Group and One-to-One mentor coaching in the price of the training.  I am still astounded by how supportive you are and how easy you make it to become a coach.  I feel truly blessed to have stumbled upon your training.

Debbie Keeler, New Brunswick, Canada

Becoming a professional coach has been a dream of mine for many years. I carefully considered coaching schools and choose Coach Academy International because of the breadth of the training and for the affordable price. I could not have chosen more wisely. Mina and Lynn are expert (and fun!) facilitators and trainers. Their breadth of knowledge is expansive and they are so generous in sharing their experience as well. The CAI progam prepared me well for my practice coaching and the exam. After graduating in October, 2014, I accrued my ICF ACC coaching hours and sat for the test this week. I passed with 86.45%! My dream is well on the way to becoming reality!

Anna Goldenberg, Virginia Beach, Virginia

Mina Brown, Peggy Dean, and the team at Coach Academy International have thoughtfully and thoroughly constructed a coach training program that’s rigorous, thought-provoking, engaging, and rewarding. It seamlessly combines theory, hands-on practice, and important and useful lessons from their own experience. The lessons extend from coaching protocols to how to establish and manage a strong coaching business. Mina, Peggy, and their colleagues are generous in sharing the abundance of what they know, transparent in how they operate, and excited by both what their students bring to the class and what they learn in the class. They’re dynamic and delightful. And if all that weren’t enough, the program is also a tremendous value since it includes not only class time but hours of support through mentor and peer coaching. It was a tremendous experience and I highly recommend it.

Claire Tondreau, Fair Haven, New Jersey

I’m a practicing leadership coach and career transition coach who has seriously attempted ICF certification for over a decade. Life always got in the way. At the end of my four month process with Coach Academy International, I am proud to say, I will be sitting for the exam in two months, because I will have completed all of the requirements! In a past life I served as the chief learning officer for a Fortune 500 and I’m finicky about training. Their process is outstanding experiential learning facilitated by three master coach/trainers. I wanted a program that integrated brain-based coaching and found a practical version in how they wove NLP methods with the ICF coach competencies. The faculty have been very generous and obviously committed to the success of their coach clients. My cohort was a particularly special group of coaches-in-training and I expect to have professional relationships with several for years.  Everything is included except taking the exam for you. I’m so glad to be completing certification and feel blessed to have waited for Mina, Peggy and Lynn and my experience at Coach Academy International.

T. Mark Hamilton, Butler, Tennessee

I was looking for two very specific elements in a coaching certification program; that it was face to face and that it would go beyond a standard certification program. This program offered both. From the very beginning, the instructors were passionate and extremely enthusiastic about the content and the field of coaching. They taught from the perspective of coaching being an art, not just a task. Each class was filled with realistic instruction from very qualified instructors, and learning with other aspiring coaches from various background and occupations was priceless. With an academic background in psychology, the course incorporating the science and tools of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) was the distinction I was looking. The program offers the tools of coaching, plus the business end of it. An excellent choice for a certification program..

Pennie Murray, Dallas, Texas

I entered the Coach Academy training thinking that even if I never became a coach, I would learn something and it might be worth my time and money.  Much to my surprise, in less than a month, I am coaching in my workplace and on evenings and weekends.  I feel prepared and professional and am having great results with those I am coaching so far.  I will always be a coach now.  It is part of who I am.  Mina Brown and Peggy Dean are passionate about what they do and very professional in their presentation of the materials and, most of all, AUTHENTIC.  Thank you Coach Academy!

Kristi Bains, Dallas, Texas

Coach Academy is a fantastic source for coach training, especially for those who desire IN-PERSON training for optimal learning. I looked at many different coach training options, and Coach Academy was launched just in time to fill a unique place in the coach training market. The program is designed for students to learn from doing, with lots of practice coaching and an exceptional introduction of many valuable coaching tools. I recommend it to many.

Debbie Adams, Dallas, Texas

Coach Academy is an amazing program. My graduation was truly a turning point in my life. I am now looking forward to completing the certification process and starting my own coaching business. This has been a life-changing experience. The growth I have experienced is tremendous. I’ve been honored to be taught by the best!

Karin A. Bailey, Nashville, Tennessee

My initial feeling when I looked at the ICF website was that I was overwhelmed and felt that it would be way too difficult to reach certification. Coach Academy greatly shifted my feeling and energy. I went back to the ICF website near the end of the program, and I am confident that I will complete certification at the PCC level. My whole feeling about reaching this goal has changed. I’ve been coached well! I’m able to move forward. Thank you!

Nancy McMorrow, Nashville, Tennessee

What a wonderful experience I had at Coach Academy. You have such a comprehensive, professional, useful, and energizing program! I got so much out of it and I’m so excited about the possibilities this has opened up for me. Great preparation and practical steps to develop and be successful as a coach. I feel very well prepared for this new business opportunity and life. I will be singing your praises. You have my appreciation, gratitude, and respect.

Vallie Van Eron, Nashville, Tennessee

Coach Academy provides a comprehensive, in-person learning experience that allows for dynamic, real-world training for the best Master Coaches in the industry. I am not only fully prepared to sit for ICF certification due to the meticulous detail and instructions given in the course, but I have broadened my ability to build a coaching business that fulfills my mission of helping others.

Kathy Blanton, Nashville, Tennessee

Wow! What a potent program! Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom, mastery and precious selves. Thanks to all my classmates for providing the rich learning environment that gave me support, confidence and experience.

Jackie Welch, Nashville, Tennessee

Coach Academy is a valuable and empowering experience… It has allowed me to sharpen my skills, learn new skills, meet and collaborate with accomplished people and become qualified as an NLP Certified Coach. The presentations reveal exceptional information – text, exercises, practical, realistic, and references. The staff is highly committed, competent and all heart. I am so glad that I made the choice to complete this program!

Audrey Taylor, Atlanta, Georgia

Coach Academy is exactly the face-to-face coach training I was looking for. The learning that comes from hearing new ideas and concepts, immediately putting them into practice, and getting in-person individualized feedback is superb. Coaching begins on day one! The all the faculty are deeply committed coaches, who “walk their talk” and share their extraordinary skills and experience generously. It is also reassuring to know that I have chosen a program that weaves the ICF competencies into the program in a way that not only makes sense but makes credentialing “hoops” much less daunting.

Jennifer Bradley, PhD, Dallas, Texas

What a ride! I am still smiling, thinking of receiving my NLPC certificate with the accompaniment of my classmates humming “Pomp and Circumstance.” I am so excited at the new opportunities that are ahead of me due to my training. I really enjoyed the content from our class about building a coaching business. Thanks, I needed that!

Karen Nash James, Nashville, Tennessee

This was a great learning experience for me. I received all I had hoped for and MORE. I have raised my level of coaching and feel very prepared for my credentialing journey.

Sawrie Becker, Nashville, Tennessee

With two young kids, time seems harder and harder to find. I want to focus my ‘training time’ on developing practical and powerful coaching skills. In the Coach Academy Program, we do exercises, practice coaching, and share feedback in an environment that stimulates personal examination and growth as coaches. The NLP aspect of the training helps me better understand people’s true concerns and messages, and then communicate more effectively. The staff has been very accommodating, eager to address real-world issues and questions that come up throughout the training. I came into this training with high expectations – so far Coach Academy has come through with flying colors!

Joe Sipper, Dallas, Texas